Walk Tall [NaBloPoMo 16]

Sunday, August 16, 2015 / 4:25 PM

We all have a side of us reserved for the public. For me, and for those moments when I'm very much in public, the version of "Traci" that comes out is one who makes lots of hand gestures and uses bigger or buzzier words. I don't think it's deliberate--it's just something I'm used to doing when trying to present myself as an adult or as a professional.

And now I've gone and given away my secret! But have I ever pretended to 100% know what I'm talking about? I think I can speak confidently about certain things, but I'm always happy to be told if I'm not accurate in an assumption.

Which brings me to the past few days: I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with so many people that I was starting to get intimidated at one point! To sit on a panel with colleagues I've admired for years, and to meet fellow journalists who are all incredibly talented and intelligent was daunting, and all I could hope was that I came off as someone worth listening and/or talking to.

It was a lot of fun meeting new people and seeing old friends, but I could feel my feet and voice starting to get tired halfway through day two. It's always an honor to realize that the people lining up around you are actually all people who want to talk to you. And I'll be honest: it's very strange and surreal. That's not even a humblebrag. It's a genuine: what do I do with myself while you talk to me??

That having been said: I'm humbled and flattered and will only keep trying to do my best to talk with as many of you as I can while out in the public eye. Thank you to everyone for their kind words over the last few days, and I hope you don't unfollow me on Twitter once you realize how not-very-interesting I am!

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