Leftovers: August 2015 [NaBloPoMo 30]

Sunday, August 30, 2015 / 6:01 AM

I know, I know--August isn't exactly over yet. But two things: 1) I need a break after NaBloPoMo is over, and 2) this is the last month of "leftovers" before we hit repeat months! My first "leftovers" post was September 2014. So what happens after that? I don't know--I'll keep doing "leftovers" posts probably, but will now have to change the headlines to add years.

Anyways. Onto August! Here's what I'll say about August: August was exhausting. Because of these blogs--and I'll get to more of that in my "goodbye" post tomorrow. (Not that I didn't enjoy blogging every day...but, damn.)

This summer has felt very travel-heavy, which I think is actually pretty accurate. I posted a lot of photos from August on my social networks, so I don't have tons of leftovers--and there are tons of photos that others took of me (at AAJA, for instance) that I haven't seen yet, so I didn't even take that many photos on my own. Also, I've already posted photos for yesterday's post filled with #AnnaAndElsa love...so...yeah. I'm just rambling now. So here we go:

One of my favorite photos with these two. This was taken on a very difficult day for me personally, but being with Michael and Maxine made everything a little brighter. This was taken on a pier in Brooklyn where some girl taking a nap on the bench next to us scolded us for disturbing her. (Girl, you're on a public bench. Calm down.)

Our news APA group (minus Ting) at AAJA! It was great being in San Francisco for this year's convention, but man was it tiring. This was during the opening reception for NBCUniversity, where Laura and I both spoke on panels. 

I had fun speaking at NBCU! And loved that my sister got to be a part of the day there too. I hope everyone who attended NBCU found it informative/helpful/fun! 

Dinner with my parents after the second day of AAJA! 

We were celebrating Na's birthday! It was nice getting to be part of a family birthday celebration because I feel like I always miss them. 


After a day of waffling around San Francisco, the convention ended on the third day with the AAJA Scholarship & Awards Gala. And then I immediately went to bed right after because I knew we had a 6:30 a.m. flight the next morning. (I know, I know--lame!)

Michelle bought me a s'more for National S'more Day! A highlight of my day is reviewing the "national day" and celebrating with food. Yes--that's a genuine highlight. It's the little things, right?

On the observation deck of the Freedom Tower! It was crowded, but it was nice getting to see the city from high above. This was definitely a "tourist-y thing" I hadn't done yet, so that was nice getting to do that with Na.

We bought silly Korean face masks--and as silly as these look (I was a panda, Na was a tiger), they were actually really effective. Like, my face felt amazing afterwards. We definitely went back to K-Town and bought more masks (not animal ones though).

We went to DC as part of Na's visit, which was great because the weather rocked and we got to see pandas at the zoo. We went the morning of the birth of the panda cubs (RIP Cub 2).

We went to the Newseum, which is one of my favorite places in DC--and who knew NBC employees get in free + four guests! One of the newest additions to the Pulitzer gallery is this iconic photograph from the Ferguson protests, which were taken by...

...the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, whose staff includes someone I interned with at NPR! Shout-out to Cristina, who is such a lovely person. It was great to see her name up there! 

Hope you enjoyed how shitty the DC Metro is, Na!

Final stop of our 24 hours in DC was the National Air & Space Museum! So crowded with people and kids...but it was free, as are most DC museums, so you can't really complain...

Who am I kidding. I can totally complain.

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