Leftovers: July 2015 [NaBloPoMo 2]

Sunday, August 2, 2015 / 5:21 AM

It felt like I spent a lot of time on planes and trains in July. Most of my memory of the month comes from the start of it because that trip to California was too lovely to forget. Honestly, most of the photos on my phone this month were from that trip, and I already posted those on this blog.

Life felt like it sort of slowed down a lot halfway through the month. More on that later as I blog my way through August, but for now, enjoy the photos...

After I got back from my Southern California adventure, I had to go go jury duty. Manhattan mandates a two-day minimum. It wasn't fun. 

Maxine, Michael, and I went to Fuku, momofuku's new restaurant that specializes in David Chang's chicken sandwich. It was pretty damn delicious.

Another quick trip back to LA for Auntie Karen's 60th birthday. It began, of course, with a soup dumpling run with Na and David!

We took a non-silly selfie! A rare feat.

Being around family is one of my favorite things in the world. You can never take those opportunities for granted. More photos from the birthday affair:

My parents taking a selfie :) Too cute!

Back to New York and a dinner of soup dumplings with Christine! It's always nice to have our Miami colleagues up in the city.

The Asian American International Film Festival came to New York City, and you know I couldn't miss it. It was jarring to go from watching Trainwreck in the morning (which I loved) and being shocked to see an Asian-American actor play a non-stereotypical role (shout out to Randall Park!), to then going to AAIFF and watching films with all-Asian casts. I loved it. I was excited to see Seoul Searching and it's definitely a film I would recommend to everyone--whatever your ethnic background is. Read more about the film here!

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