Much Ado About To-Do Lists [NaBloPoMo 11]

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 / 6:07 PM

I like making to-do lists. In college, Amanda and I used to tape paper to the wall and write out our individual lists: essays, editing, dishes, etc. It was satisfying crossing things off the list and seeing that we've accomplished something.

These days, my to-do lists tend to be on screens. I set reminders for myself on my phone and use my unread emails in my inbox as a way of saying, "Hey, Traci, don't forget about that!" But there something isn't as satisfying about digital to-do lists as there was about taping paper onto a wall and writing on it in brightly colored ink.

Perhaps it's because I spent my entire day staring at screens that the easiest way of reminding myself to do something is through technology. Or maybe I misplace paper more often these days. Does anyone still write physical to-do lists? I'm genuinely curious.

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  1. I do - and I still love and prefer them to anything on a screen!