Favorites: August 2017

Thursday, August 31, 2017 / 6:30 PM

I don't have many new product favorites from this past month; it's been more of a month to rediscover some old standbys that have quickly become favorites. Also, I think at this point I should do an update on some "unfavorites," but I find a list of "favorites" tends to be more fun...

Speaking of favorites updates: Cheer Up Buttercup is now available online!

1. Sleepy Hand and Body Lotion by Lush

I bought this last Christmas when it was a holiday exclusive, but I'm not surprised it's gone into the regular product line. If you love Twilight (and you know I do!), you'll love Sleepy. It's got a strong lavender scent and is so soft and moisturizing – and it's a gorgeous purple in the pot.

About a month after I bought it, I packed up to move across the country and then misplaced the pot for awhile. When I unpacked it, I would use it infrequently and then just sort of stopped altogether because I was using Dream Cream before bed to calm my skin. But I've started reintroducing small bits of Sleepy into my bedtime routine, and it's been knocking me out quickly and helping me sleep through the night. Who knows, it could just be a placebo effect, but I'll take it.

2. Zoella Beauty Soap on a Stick

I got this for free from Ulta when I purchased the Shower Shake from Zoella's latest line. I normally don't like solid soaps, but this one might start changing my mind. Not only is the packaging adorable (and you know how much I'm a sucker for cute packaging), but it's a gorgeous pink bar made with Shea butter and aloe, so it's incredibly soothing.

3. Contemporary Print Swing Dress from ASOS

I've been cleaning out my closet (recycling clothes a la H&M) and trying to focus on versatile items that are high quality, so they'll last longer. This dress is one of them, and the latest purchase in my ASOS obsession. It's the most comfortable thing in my closet right now and can be dressed up or down. I'm always looking for another opportunity to wear it.

4. Cosmetic Sponge Wheel by Sephora

I bought these sponges over than a year ago, but barely used them because I'd default to using my fingers for liquid products. But since accidentally leaving my beautyblender at my sister's place the other week, I started using these wedges for my foundation/concealer, and I don't know why I wasn't using these before! Yes, they require a bit more bouncing on your skin than a beautyblender in order to blend the product in, but they're so travel friendly and super easy to clean.

5. Noteworthy by Riley Redgate

You can read my Goodreads review here, but two words: I'm. Obsessed. (OK, that's technically three words...) I love the author's writing, and this is just a fun read. I also walked into this story not realizing the author is Asian American herself, but it was a pleasant surprise to suddenly be presented with such a diverse character group in the novel.

6. Atypical on Netflix

What an endearing and sweet show. I love the main characters (well, not the mom so much...) and their relationships with one another. It's a great start to more opportunities that gives the underrepresented a real voice and story in our media.

Also, if you don't laugh out loud at the giant penguin scene (no spoilers for those who haven't seen it, but if you've seen it, you'll know what I'm referring to), then I don't know if we can be friends.

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  1. I love these lists of yours!

    I have a mini-rant geared at Atypical; apologies if it is too far afield from your post:

    I really wanted to like Atypical, but I was rather disappointed in it -- as were many other Autistic folks, from what I've been seeing in my Internet bubbles. The show generally failed to include any Autistic people amongst its creative staff (although they did get a consultant), and too much of the humor feels like it relies on othering Sam.

    This was a good summary: http://www.teenvogue.com/story/netflix-atypical-autism-representation/amp

    I suppose that some representation is better than none at all, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for more Autistic representation that actually involves Autistic people. :)