Monday, August 1, 2016

there's no 'right' way to pursue the American dream.

I wrote a blog post for my pal Phil over at Angry Asian Man while he's taking a much-deserved break...
We never talked about it. The word "undocumented" was nerve-wracking, confusing, and -- as it's been argued in my grandfather's circumstances -- not exactly true. Growing up, my sister and I were told many stories about our family history, but we had also been taught a moderately conservative stance when it came to immigration, about the "right" way to do things and the hard word that comes with that journey.  
Which is why when, during a visit to California in April, I sat down with my mother to talk about this in-depth, she didn't use the word -- at least, not at first. Let me explain.
Check out the full post here!

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