Creating Without Consequences

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 / 11:44 PM

Be OK with failure. Failure is a part of life.

I say this as someone who needs the constant reminder, I think, more than others. I've blogged before about my penchant for starting and not finishing projects, and even when I did finish a project, it resulted in me falling off the face of the earth for...well, arguably, I'm still hermiting.

I think when it comes to creative endeavors – particularly when there's nothing holding you accountable (like consequences at work or in school) – failure to see a project through hits hard. For me, when I begin something like a blog or vlog series, I'm putting 100% of my heart and mind into it. Or, at least, I want to put 100% of myself in it. When that energy starts to slip, I panic and then wait until I feel like I'm in the "right" place again. But that ignores the initial purpose of so many of these personal projects: to help put me in the "right" place.

I think my biggest challenge these past few years – and even more so these days – has been to create without consequences. Just...make stuff. And yes, that's advice I've written multiple times on this blog, but a reminder never hurts.

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