What to Watch on Netflix This Christmas

Thursday, December 21, 2017 / 2:57 PM

Need a break from family festivities this holiday? I'm keeping this week's blog post fairly simple and giving you some suggestions of what to watch while still keeping in touch with the holiday spirit! 
Of course, there are the usual suspects, from White Christmas to Elf... but if you're just looking for a quick appetizer to those Christmas classics, then this is for you:

1. "The One With the Holiday Armadillo" (Friends

I will always find this episode absolutely hilarious. Just the concept of an adult armadillo costume – the least Christmas-y thing Ross probably could've found in that store – is funny, and the huge meeting of characters from vastly different universes is something that the Friends friends do best: creating absurd scenarios, and turning them into heartfelt moments.

Memorable quote: "It's like the Easter Bunny's funeral in here."
Watch it if... you just need to laugh.

2. "Christmas Party" (The Office)

A Secret Santa exchange gone awry, drunken antics, and a sweet Jim/Pam moment – what's not to love about the classic Office episode? 

Memorable quote: "'A real man makes his own luck.' Billy Zane, Titanic."
Watch it if... you miss your coworkers (but not actually working, of course!)

3. The Great British Bake-Off (listed as The Great British Baking Show in the U.S.)

This is the perfect series to have on while you're cooking or baking for your holiday feast. It's comforting and sweet and makes you want to do everything you can to make Mary Berry proud. 

Memorable quote: "Ready, set, bake!"
Watch it if... you're stressed about the holidays.

4. A Christmas Prince

I will defend watching this until you're sick of me: if you know me, you know how much I love bad, but earnest, movies. We used to host parties dedicated to just watching these kinds of films in college. When Netflix revealed they were getting into the original Christmas movie game, my old roommate and I couldn't resist putting on a pot of tea and diving straight in – and man, it doesn't disappoint. It's got all of the markings of a Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas classic with enough room for you to shout "what??" at the TV when you need to...and yes, you will need to.

Memorable quote: No quote, just this.
Watch it if... you're having a cozy night-in with friends.

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