Favorites: October 2017

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 / 8:00 PM

Man, October felt like a slow favorites month because my September was filled with new things I loved. It's not that I didn't love things in October, but I traveled more than expected and was a bit out of sorts. Also, it's been 100 degrees in LA and I've still been living like it's summer.

Anyways. Onto the favorites plus my watching/listening recommendations that I've been forgetting to include in my favorites posts:

1. Blue Oversized Denim Jacket from New Look

OK. The 100-degree weather has not been the right time for this. But I've worn it a few times in the evening and also when going from coast-to-coast and it is so cozy. I love the oversized look of it and it's a great travel jacket because it doubles as a nice blanket, and the denim isn't too heavy either. It's just a nice jacket. I can't wait to wear it more once the temperature drops.

2. Match Stix Matte Skinstick by Fenty Beauty

I went back and forth on this one. You know I love the Fenty foundation, and I bought a Match Stix trio at the same time I purchased it. But it took me awhile to figure out how I felt about it. I'll be honest: if you're going for that trio, step back a second. I'm not a fan of the concealer shades (I bought the medium trio, so it came with Bamboo) because it just doesn't blend well as a concealer, nor does it give much coverage. But as a contour, I've decided I like it. I have Mocha, and it works well for that purpose. Using the Match Stix for anything else – even as a highlight/blush – I say skip it.

3. ASOS MOVEMENT Leather Loafers from ASOS

I didn't think these would be comfy, and for long-wear days, they probably aren't. But they were the perfect travel shoes on my last trip, and they're so autumn-y. I actually bought this in an ASOS haul with other autumn items that I've been so sad to not wear because of the weather.

4. The Backside of Water

This podcast is the combination of my favorite things: "did you know?" facts, scripted storytelling, and Disney. Also, dad jokes. This is such a fun podcast to listen to – with a great format – and it's so interesting learning about each land and ride and their histories. It's given me a newfound appreciation for Disneyland.

5. 5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food by Jamie Oliver

Simple recipes are my favorite because 1) I'm impatient, and 2) I'm lazy. Literally every recipe in this book is made up of five ingredients (not including your pantry basics like cooking oil and salt/pepper), and everything I've attempted so far hasn't been a disaster. In fact, it's been downright delicious, and I'm always up for varying my diet so I'm not just eating rice and dumplings every night.

6. Bath & Body Works Wallflower Fragrances

I've seen and smelled these every time I've walked into Bath & Body Works, and I finally decided to go for it because if the weather isn't going to be autumn-like, at least my apartment should smell like it. I do love candles, but I'm not lighting any in my current apartment because the fire alarm is super sensitive and I don't have the best ventilation, so I decided to give the Wallflower a try. I've had Pumpkin Apple plugged in since I bought it and my apartment has smelled delightful. I've got a few more stocked away that can carry me through the holidays, and I'm psyched to try them out.

Watch this:
  • Jane the Virgin (I'm not listening my entire DVR for you, but this is the newest addition I don't think I've talked about before on this blog. I binged all three seasons of Jane the Virgin before the season 4 premiere in October, and it was worth it. It's so good and so addictive, and I'm mad at myself for not having watched it before.)

Listen to this:
  • "Why" - Sabrina Carpenter
  • Flicker - Niall Horan
  • Tell Me You Love Me - Demi Lovato

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