Favorites: March 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017 / 5:27 PM

I'm a bit light on favorites this month – not because I didn't like things, but because I don't think I explored enough new items really worth writing home about.

That having been said, March was a fine enough month, but it was so busy that I fell massively behind on reading and TV and film and, well...life in general.

But here are a couple of things I'd recommend from the month...

1. BECCA Prismatic Amethyst highlighter

Watch this Instagram video previewing the amethyst highlighter and try not to be mesmerized. I love this highlighter, and I've never been one to really use highlighters in the first place. But since moving back to a state where the sun is out more often than not, I figured now's the time to dive right into this shimmery trend. This BECCA powder is subtle, but still provides a unique tint to those cheeks. I'm obsessed.

2. ÷ – Ed Sheeran 

From start to finish, ÷ feels like the soundtrack to a film I want to see on a giant movie screen over and over again.

3. Not Too Deep

I've not seen many of Grace Helbig's YouTube videos, but I started listening to her podcast on a whim – and man, is it entertaining. Each episode is like listening to two friends chat about everything and nothing at the same time. It stays true to its name by not going in-depth into news or issues, which is kind of what I need these days, to be honest. I also am obsessed with Grace's laugh. It just makes me smile.

4. Classic Mini Multitasker Brush from the Sephora Collection

I had one of these brushes last year but lost it somewhere between my travels. I didn't seek out to replace it at the time because I'd been trying to use it for contouring at the time and wasn't too happy with the results, but now that I'm using it exclusively for highlighting (paired with the BECCA powder listed above), it's become my new favorite brush in my collection.

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