Fill-in-the-Blank Friday: Panda Dreams

Friday, September 19, 2014 / 7:18 PM

  1. I like coffee shops, comfortable shoes, and this borderline autumn weather we're getting in New York right now.
  2. A life goal of mine is to hug a panda. It'll forever be on my bucket list, won't it?
  3. The last thing you would ever expect me to like (even though I secretly do) is High School Musical. No, really. It was so ridiculous, I couldn't help but love it.
  4. Some wise words that I love are "Life is too short to read bad books." Mengfei sent that to me in her birthday letter to me last March--and I just loved it. It reminds me that it's important to cut the bullshit from life and not just go through the motions.
  5. Most mornings you will find me rolling slowly out of 5 a.m. 
  6. Right now I am super into eyelid primer. Seriously, how have I not been using primer before? It makes shadow and liner last so much longer. (I'm currently using L'Oreal's Magic De-Crease Eyelid Primer.)
  7. Right now I am super over folding laundry. I'm staring at a pile of laundry right now that I feel like is just growing.

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