A Note About 'Notes'

Sunday, August 24, 2014 / 5:51 AM

When I first started this blog in 2009, I was writing every post in a coffee shop, whether it was the campus Starbucks, the Peet's across the street, or the Cyber A Cafe outside of my work. Occasionally I'd sneak in some writing at the library or in between classes or in my apartment while Andrea and I watched America's Next Top Model. It sounds a bit cliché (a writer in a coffee shop--not a novel concept), but the coffee shop was where I felt most comfortable.

As I grew as a writer (and am still growing!), I had more ideas and more thoughts in the most random of places--in the kitchen while cooking (er, microwaving...) dinner! In line at the grocery store! On public transport! My notes from a coffee shop were becoming notes from everyday life...which, frankly, is exactly what I'd always hoped it would be. (Hence the silly "disclaimer" on my About page.)

But by now, you're already familiar with my inability to really follow through on projects. I tend to start a lot of things, and then taper off. Writing every day, for example, as I'd said I was going to do this year--hasn't quite happened. I start a lot of posts and scribble down thoughts on paper or in drafts that never make it to the blog. Life is so extraordinarily vast that I was frantic to write anywhere and everywhere, and then it would overwhelm me and I'd stop.

I know--blaming "life" for not blogging often is weak.

So as I've made my way from city to city, I've been reacquainting myself with coffee shops--my homes away from home. When I was in Maryland, I enjoyed the manufactured warmth that Caribou offered, and when I moved into D.C., I took Mengfei's many recommendations and staked out little corners at Pound and in Tryst. And I'm lucky now in New York to be living right across from one of my favorite coffee shops on this coast (at least of the ones I've experienced!), the Chipped Cup.

Of course, blogging in a coffee shop has its annoyances. Yesterday, a couple came in with their baby, sat down next to me, and then the baby immediately started to wail and throw bits of food all over the place...including at me. Oh, and then when this couple and their baby left, they didn't bus their table! That's one of my biggest pet peeves anywhere: there's no table service at most coffee shops. Clean up after yourselves!

Anyways, this whole post was really just to say: there's no shame in finding joy in familiarity. For me, at least, it's good to be home.

(PS: Thanks to all of you who've been reading and commenting--whether it's on this blog in its crappy commenting system or via social media on Facebook or Twitter! I love hearing from you!)

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