Manifesto for 23

Friday, March 2, 2012 / 2:11 PM

  1. I will sleep more.
  2. I will walk slower. Unless I'm midtown.
  3. I will not let social networks define relationships.
  4. I will smile more, despite the annoyances of day to day life. 
  5. I will close my ears to potential negativity. I will not take things so personally.
  6. I will do more of what I say and say less of what I do.
  7. I will network (ugh).
  8. I will focus more on the positive.
  9. I will read more, and I will read slower. I will take time to digest words.
  10. I will learn new things and new skills every day.
  11. I will drink from the glass, rather than analyze whether it is empty or full. 
  12. I will pick up my phone more often. 
  13. I will not impose my thoughts on others, and vice versa.
  14. I will spend less time on the outside looking in.  
  15. I will not force myself to be somebody I think I should be.
  16. I will let love be louder than my emotions.
  17. I will not keep reopening doors that closed themselves for a reason.
  18. I will let go of those who have let go of me, or are in the process of doing so.
  19. I will not be scared to speak up.
  20. I will celebrate others as much as I can.
  21. I will apologize. I will forgive. I will always forgive.
  22. I will put my dreams into words and I will pursue them harder.
  23. I will actually believe in myself.

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  1. Add this: I will remember that there are other people who love and believe in me.

  2. Why would you walk slower? I walk fast, which means I have to exercise less, I stay warm, I get where I'm going quicker, and last week I got a random guy on the street hitting on my by saying "damn girl, I like the way you walk! I been trying to keep up with you but it's hard!"

  3. You forgot to put: I will eat more muffins.