Another Decade

Friday, December 27, 2019 / 1:41 PM

It's surreal that the decade is ending. This might be the first year (at least, that I can recall) where I didn't even realize a new calendar year was right around the corner, let alone an entirely new decade. I've been thinking about how to reflect on the last 10 years, but it's been tough. So much has happened – so much that I've forgotten – and ultimately what I want to focus on is how right now feels: challenging, hopeful, peaceful. And I'm grateful for it too.

After all... This was the decade I graduated from college; the decade I lived in six cities (and once on an air mattress in a living room) and ate $1 pizza on weekends because it was all I could afford.

I traveled abroad for the first time, hiked a world wonder in China, and climbed the tallest church in Amsterdam. I saw tulips and cheese wheels and King's Cross, and I also went to Disney World and only got violently ill once.

I strengthened old ties and made new connections, celebrated milestones with friends and grieved the deaths of loved ones.

I got my dream job. I quit my dream job.

I fell apart. Often. This year alone, I both suffered a loss of identity while also uncovering more of who I am. But I also hit rock bottom and nearly pushed everyone away in the process.

I made mistakes.

I learned.

I'm still learning.

And whatever happens in 2020, and beyond, I'm ready for it.

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