A Toast to the Next Chapter

Tuesday, December 18, 2018 / 11:42 AM

This has been one long, tiring year, and I think we could all use a moment to chill.

I've been making these playlists for my friend Cortney while she's been in Ukraine the last two years with the Peace Corps, and I'll admit I've slacked this year (Vol. 4 was last winter!). But with her assignment coming to an end, and our endless chats about where we want to travel next and what we want to see, I felt like this selection of 6 songs was fitting: it implies movement (literally) and ends with some reflection – and it can all be enjoyed with a calming cuppa.

VOL. 5: Decaf

  1. "Paris" - Sabrina Carpenter 
  2. "Ever Since New York" - Harry Styles
  3. "Call of the Wild" - MILCK
  4. "Blink (One Million Miles)" from Hearts Beat Loud
  5. "Youth (acoustic)" - Troye Sivan
  6. "21st Century Machine" - Catie Turner

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