Winter Lip Care Update

Sunday, February 4, 2018 / 11:00 AM

I suffer from a chapped lip problem, and sometimes it's felt like there was no solution aside from slathering balm on every hour. But after sitting down to really do my research (and by that, I mean that I watched a lot of YouTube videos), I've found a few staples that have changed my lip care routine and have made wearing lipsticks more comfortable and less messy.

Along with drinking more water, these are the products that have saved my chapped lips this winter:

Lip Facial Lip Scrub by Tarte

I had been using the Lush lip scrub, but lately it just hadn't been doing the trick. The sugar would go on and just crumble right off without taking away any of the dead skin. But what's great about the Tarte Lip Facial is that it's also a hydrating balm that leaves a cooling finish after the sugar is gone. I also love that it's in a crayon format.

Agave Lip Mask by Bite Beauty

I got this as a sample a few weeks ago and gave it a try after hearing good things about it from a few Beauty Gurus, and they weren't kidding: this stuff is the definition of recovery and replenishing. There are four colors – three which give you a slight tint, but I've gone with the natural since I put it on before bed – which are a great alternative to a gloss when your lips are feeling particularly dry. Since using this, I've noticed a massive improvement in my lips when I wake up: they look healthier and there's definitely less chapping.

Brazilian Kiss Cupuacu Lip Butter by Sol de Janeiro

This lip balm is so addicting – it smells amazing and it's left my lips feeling incredibly soft. The addition of coconut oil feels extra moisturizing, and after the nighttime ritual of the Tarte Lip Facial and Agave Lip Mask, this lip butter has been all I need in the morning to keep my lips hydrated all day.

Rose Lollipop Lip Balm by Lush

This was on my 2016 favorites list, and I still stand by it (even if I'm still not crazy about using a potted lip balm). Even though I've been reaching for the Sol de Janerio Lip Butter lately, this is still a fantastic lip balm staple that's a year-round favorite.

What lip care products are you using this winter?

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