5 Reasons to Love Having Alopecia

Monday, September 11, 2017 / 9:58 PM

There should be more positive content about alopecia, in my opinion, so I figured I'd use this week's blog post to highlight a few of those things. These are 100% based on my own experience, so if you have others, share away!

1. No need to panic about finding the right hairdresser.
OK yes – there's a lot of drama around figuring out how to handle your hair (or lack thereof). Wig? No wig? Headscarves? But if there's one thing I've gathered from my friends and relatives who haven't yet found that perfect hairdresser who gets them, it's that there's a lot of stress that comes with finding your Hair-y Godperson. And even if you find that person, what happens if you move? Or they move? Just hearing people discuss this makes me anxious. I don't even like buying a new brand of soap.

2. You can see how the back of your hair(style) will look.
There's honestly nothing more relaxing than being able to sit in front of the TV and curl your hair while it sits on a stand in front of you.

3. At the end of a hot day, you can go home and take your hair off. 
The downside is that you have to go through the day with your head feeling a bit suffocated, but that moment when you take off your wig after a humid, stuffy day is like taking uncomfortable heels off after a long event.

4. No hair potentially clogging your shower drain.
One less thing to clean? I'm into it.

5. You can try out different hairstyles easily.
If you're a wig person, you can pop on a crazy color or cut, and if it doesn't work, you can just move on. This doesn't mean buying new wigs every week, of course, but you can head into pretty much any wig shop and try on a few wigs (bring your wig cap!). Also to all you cosplayers: this is a dream, am I right?

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