Soundtrack to My Life

Sunday, January 15, 2017 / 8:00 AM

I've missed doing lists, so when I came across this "soundtrack to my life" tag, I couldn't resist.

1. Song you listen to when you're happy? "Rainbow Veins" by Owl City

It's a shame "Maybe I'm Dreaming" isn't on Spotify because it's the album that introduced me to Adam Young, though I don't even remember how I came across it in the first place. It's just such a cheerful mix of songs, and "Rainbow Veins" is maybe the cheeriest of all the tracks.

(Fun fact: I interviewed him back in 2011 when "All Things Bright and Beautiful" came out and asked him about some of his more nonsensical lyrics, and he said he liked to write what made him smile.)

2. Song you listen to when you're sad? "Best Day Of My Life" by American Authors

I don't really like listening to sad songs when I'm already feeling sad. But I stumbled across the Oh, What A Life album while searching for another song two years ago, and it was the album that oddly got me through the death of a close friend. I don't know why, but from start to finish, it just...fixed things.

3. What song will you have at your wedding? "Reflecting Light" by Sam Philips

This will probably change depending on when I get married and who I marry (or if I get married), but I have loved this song since Luke and Lorelai danced to it in season 4, so it was one of those "ohmygod" moments in the revival when it actually played at their wedding.

4. What song do you dance around your house to? "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves

It's just upbeat and fun, and who doesn't love '80s music? It's either this or the Madonna radio channel/playlist on Spotify.

5. Song you play on your headphones when out and about? Depends on my mood and the weather, really. I've been listening to podcasts mainly this year while out and about. The album I've been listening to lately while commuting has been The Last Five Years soundtrack.

6. Song you listen to when you're angry? "Can You See Me" by Jimi Hendrix – specifically from the "Live At Monterey" set

Nothing makes me feel better than listening to Jimi Hendrix play up a storm to the point of lighting his guitar on fire.

7. Song you'd have at your funeral? "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles (it's my favorite song; see #15)

8. Song that makes you lose your shit at a party? Anything in the '80s pop category that I can sing-shout to.

9. The last song you listened to? "How Would You Like It?" by Lauren Aquilina

10. Your karaoke song? I am not a karaoke person, but if I were, it would probably be – let's be honest – "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen

11. What song do you work out/exercise to? "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga

12. Song with the most memories attached? "Calendar Girl" by Stars

It reminds me of Blue Valentine and this whole album brings me back to being in college and sitting under clear night skies, discussing the future and life before it ever even appeared in the rearview mirror.

13. Song that makes you cry? "Someone Like You" by Adele

Is that cliche? Really, any Adele song can make me feel a thousand emotions. Also, I heard "Someone Like You" while I was going through a lot of...stuff.

14. Song you hate the most? There are a lot of songs I dislike, but there's not one song I can think of right now that tops my "hate" list. I know lately every time I hear "Bad Things" by Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello, I get irritated. Oh, I've always hated "Summer Girls" by LFO. That song used to be on the radio all the time when I was growing up and I always switched the station.

15. Your favorite song of all time? "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles

One of my best friends in high school loved The Beatles, and that was the first time I really listened to their music because it wasn't something we grew up with. And I just fell in love with everything I heard – from the complexity of the lyrics to the simplicity of the instrumentals. My friends and I even did a cover of "Here Comes the Sun" for an art festival once and I still sing the harmonies to the chorus when I hear the song.

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