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Thursday, February 11, 2016 / 10:39 PM

It’s surprising to me how few Gilmore Girls references I’ve made on this blog in the 6-7 years I’ve been writing here, considering how deep into the world of Gilmore I am — from owning every season on DVD (even season 7) to binge-watching the series multiple times (it’s my comfort show).

Basically, if you ever want to have a way-too-long conversation about the show, I'm your girl.

Of course, inevitably, during the many times I’ve met other fans, the question of, “Which ‘team’ are you on?” always comes up: Team Dean? Jess? Logan?

While I've historically been Team Jess (and I stand by that during my episode re-watches), by the end of the series -- and looking ahead to the revival -- I'm truthfully Team None of Them. 

With the Netflix revival on everyone’s mind, of course the subject is bound to come up as people speculate about who’s coming back from the cast. But then I saw this article on my Facebook newsfeed earlier this week and the headline really annoyed me: “Rory Is Single In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival, So There's More Romantic Drama Ahead.”

(This, by the way, is nothing new: remember in 421 when everyone makes a big deal about how Rory didn't really date anyone during her first year of college and people would ask her if everything was OK? Eesh.)

I understand the fascination with which boy she might be with when we re-visit Stars Hollow again (especially now that all three of her exes are confirmed to appear), eight years after the series went off air, but am I the only one who’s interested in knowing where Rory ended up in her journalism career? Or where she might be living? Or anything that doesn’t have to do with which of her ex-boyfriends she might be with? Why does her being single have to be the start of “romantic drama ahead”? 

The results of an incredibly informal survey conducted through one of my Facebook statuses tells me I'm not totally crazy for feeling this way. "I'm Team Someone Awesome She Meets in the Future, when she's figured out more about what she wants out of life," one of my friends wrote. 

I'm all about that response.

Here’s the thing about her exes: they each represented different stages of her life, and while they were right for her in those moments, I don’t think any of those guys are necessarily right for her in her adult years. After all, look what happened when Season 5 Rory got back together with Dean -- but Season 5 Dean was incredibly different from Season 1 Dean. (Hell, Season 1 Dean is so different than the person he became.) 

The closest to an exception on that is Jess, I think, whose character showed progress every time he re-appeared after he was written out of Stars Hollow into a failed spin-off. It makes me wonder what would have happened with his character if the WB hadn't tried to make Windward Circle happen, and although it was frustrating to see Rory and Jess' relationship end the way it did, it was necessary for Jess to leave any semblance of a safety net so he could struggle on his own and grow up.

While there were signs of Logan growing up throughout Season 7 (ugh, The Lost Year), I don't know if we saw much of a character progression with him even between when we meet him in Season 5 and when we finally say goodbye to him. 

Perhaps this is me just reading into the show or trying too hard to find Real Life Lessons in it, but if I was still dating the same people I was dating eight years ago, we’d have some problems now. I’m not saying people can’t grow and re-connect in the future and live out their lives together, but I think trying to define Rory based on the men in her life is the wrong way to think about her character.

So...there's my two cents.

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