Leftovers: May 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015 / 5:58 PM

May was a tough month, filled with some of the best and worst moments so far of 2015. Highlights range from covering the first-ever White House Summit on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in DC to visiting Boston for the first time with Minerva. The low points...well, those are other stories for other times--perhaps over a drink or two.

Now, we're officially in a new season, and I really do think there's a lot to look forward to (even with all this rain!)... Onward!

Awkward side-shot from Minerva's quartet performance at the start of the month! It was a great program, and it was fun catching up with old faces and meeting new ones too. 

Signs of spring! Which lasted for two weeks! These popped up in my face upon my walk up 2nd Ave from 14th to 86th on the first really warm day of the month.

A photo off my iPhone from the White House Summit of the Attorney General speaking about his new role as co-chair of the White House Initiative on AAPIs. (I also got the chance to interview him right before he gave this speech, and it was a really great conversation. I learned a lot about mangos.)

The day of the summit was also the day of the horrible Amtrak crash. Because of it, I ended up booking a last-minute flight from DC back home, but the only flight that wasn't at 10 p.m. at night and/or $700 was a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina, with a two-hour layover, followed by a flight up to New Jersey. Here's what the Charlotte airport sells in their swag shops.

I made it back to New York in time for the annual AAJA Trivia Bowl. We tied for fourth this year! AAJA President Paul Cheung also stopped by and talked about surviving the Amtrak crash.

Selfie Sunday with Gilbert and Yin! We went from brunch to lounging to dinner...

...at Momokawa, where they have adorable chopstick holders!

I'll never get tired of the sunsets out my living room window. 

Memorial Day weekend! Minerva and I planned a lovely trip to Boston because we both had never been and it was exactly the break we knew we needed to take from New York. We went to the ballet!

And ate a lot! (Gai dan jai!)

And walked a lot! (A lot, a lot!)

And ate more!

And pretended to fit in at Harvard!

To wrap up the month, April, my APA@NBCUniversal News Group education board co-chair, and I held our annual editorial board session inside the Nightly News studio. This year, we went all-out with food, multimedia, and giveaways...and it was quite the success, if I do say so myself!

PEN America held an event on government censorship last week ahead of the Tiananmen anniversary. It was really interesting to hear from a few individuals with personal experience challenging the government and their perspectives on oppression and censorship.

And to end the month: an amazing dinner and long chats at an Emmy Award winner's home. 


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