Leftovers: April 2015

Saturday, May 2, 2015 / 7:04 AM

I didn't even realize April was over until I was encoding videos yesterday at work and realized April 31st wasn't an actual thing.

Happy May! One of the best things about April was that the weather was clearly changing and we had our first truly "nice" days of the year. I love when the seasons change because it feels like an opportunity for renewal. I'm really trying to make an effort to commit to things in 2015, and the first thing I'm committing to this year? Rebuilding my life.

Anyways, onto the blog post! April, photo wise, was a bit of a "sharing month," so I don't have too many leftovers to include in this entry...

Check out the sunrise! I dragged Mandeep up to Fort Tryon Park ridiculously early one morning to try to catch the sunrise. We didn't quite make it because of some unfortunate train mishaps, but it was still lovely nonetheless. 

...and then we got coffee afterwards and I watched him ignore me in favor of his phone for, like, an hour. What a millennial. 

Tulips for Easter Sunday! After church, I bought flowers and gave them to random people on my way to the Upper East Side to visit with Minerva. I love tulips because they come in these surreal color combinations, and also because they don't look very impressive when they're closed up and waiting to be purchased...but when the flowers open up, they're so lovely. It's a metaphor of some kind, I imagine.

Stalker photo of Minerva practicing on her violin before we attempted to make brownies (but failed because we didn't have eggs). Muahahaha.

How adorable is that teapot cozy? Minerva got it (and the teapot) for me for my birthday.

Maxine and I went to the Chinese American exhibit at the New York Historical Society, which was just an incredible experience. It made me think a lot about my own family history and the stories that exist to be told. 

Yin and I had a ukulele day in the park. I serenaded a few passing puppies. They seemed to dig it.

One of the things I'm learning is so important: the practice of simply showing up. Even when you're tired or stressed or nervous about flying solo. I went to a panel discussion about Asian American women in filmmaking upon an invite by the amazing women I met while profiling the making of A-Town Boyz, and I was so glad I did even though I was coming down with a dreadful cold. But it was so thoughtful and I met a lot of interesting folks too that I'm looking forward to working with in the future. 

Connect. #SHINEbabySHINE. 

Carly and I went to see An American in Paris on Broadway, and it was absolutely delightful. An evening of Asian food, broadway, and one of my favorite people in the solar system? Perfect. 

We said goodbye to this little one this month. She and I didn't always get along in the three-and-a-half years we co-existed in the apartment, but damn...I miss her. We had a lot of cuddly moments near the end of her life.

On the topic of "showing up," I went to Kollaboration New York's open mic despite still recovering from that awful cold, and it was really great. One of my favorite things about writing for NBC Asian America has been getting to meet really interesting people who are doing really interesting things. Kollab is one of those groups.

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