Leftovers: March 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 / 7:21 PM

Yellow roses brighten any room!
Whoa! It's April already. This is surprising for two reasons: 1) It felt like March was lasting, quite frankly, forever; and 2) I started about a half dozen posts that I meant to finish in March, and well...you can guess what happened (spoiler alert: nothing).

So here we are...April. Spring, perhaps? It's definitely warming up in New York and the on/off rain definitely indicates we're in that "April showers" phase. After three years of happy travels with my bubble umbrella (which I bought in California at the end of 2011 in between DC and New York), I had to ditch it in the trash at the 145th St. Nicholas subway station because it finally was too busted to be functional. It was oddly heartbreaking to watch the dome of the umbrella collapse, and it really served no purpose so of course the trash can was the proper place for it to go. I just wish I could've given it a more ceremonial farewell than chucking it into the same type of trash bin that I threw up in on my first visit to New York ever after a night of sushi and sake and no sleep.

Not only did I buy a new bubble umbrella (it's lighter and opens with the click of a button!), March was the month I turned another year older. Every year on my birthday, I get reflective about life. As I spent more time alone, I realized I needed to reprioritize. As the season changes, it feels like the right time to step back and sort things out.

And now before this turns into a whole other post (!), it's time to get to the point: photos from March that never made it to Facebook or Instagram or whatever social network I'm lurking on at the moment!

Har har har, Parents! A lovely birthday card from California.

Selfie-version of this photo from my birthday dinner at Nice Matin on the Upper West Side! The snow was dreadful that night, but I trekked down to 79th early to meet Minerva (I thought it was just the two of us!) and it turns out it was a mini-surprise. Sorry again for showing up early and ruining the surprise!!

Whew, there was no singing! :)

I went down to DC in the beginning of the month to meet up with Cortney, who was in town for a conference on her way to Iran. We went to the zoo! I've known this girl for nearly 12 years now, and no matter how old we are, I'm pretty sure you'll always eventually find us at a zoo. 

At Minca Ramen in Alphabet City! It was a tiny restaurant, but five of us (and all our Rolling Rocks) still managed to squeeze into a table near the back. 

You know what else is great about March? March 14th. Pi Day! Here's a slice of apple cranberry pie from our afternoon of pie and tea at Minerva's.

Moaaaar fooooood! Reveka came through the city on her way back from LA to Albany and we caught up in Koreatown over pho and dessert. And then we raced through Penn Station to try to make her train (damn you, Rangers game, for creating such a pedestrian traffic jam!)...and then she missed it, so we hung out at a Penn Station deli for an hour while eating Turkish snacks and laughing.

Yin organized a mixer down in Chelsea for AAJA and BCNY, and it was great meeting new people and catching up with others I don't get to see regularly. The event was sponsored by Tiger Beer, and here's a few of us posing like an ad campaign.

...also, byjoe.

Afterwards, a group of us walked down to Legend Bar & Restaurant for some amazing Szechuan food. Thanks for this photo, Vincent. You can tell how intent Gilbert and I are on eating before being even remotely social. 

The month ended with a visit from our Miami crew and my work BFF Lala. Best temporary desk neighbor! Work can be chaotic and tiring, but it's nice to have someone to share all the ups and downs with and who also understands what you're going through. And also someone who understands when you need to jump on your two phones during dinner to handle something :)

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