Favorites: May 2020

Thursday, May 28, 2020 / 12:31 PM

Time to bring back the Favorites lists! 

It's been a couple years since I did regular lists, but I think quarantine is a perfect time to bring it back. I've been watching/exploring new things during the pandemic and have enjoyed sharing them with friends – so why not share it on this blog too? 

Since a lot of what I've been doing at this time has been watching and listening to things, I'm going to include those series/films as part of the top list instead of just listing it under "watch/listen"...

1. Upload (Amazon)

Every promo I've seen for Upload doesn't do the series justice. It's comedic, sure, but there's also a dark side to it that isn't showcased in the trailer – one that revolves around the possibility of a murder. I've seen a lot that compares Upload to The Good Place (given the shared connection between the creators, of course), and while it's hard not to compare the two, I think Upload provides a sharper critique of modern life and capitalism that really left me thinking. I also enjoyed how the worlds that Upload exist in (both the living one and the uploaded one) were introduced to viewers: effortlessly, without the need for long-winded monologues to serve as exposition. 

This was on my December 2017 favorites list, but I need to call it out again. Quarantine has not been great for my skin, so I've been switching up my skincare routines to find one that works, and using the Milky Jelly Cleanser at morning and at night has really soothed my skin.

To be honest, the lip balm is "meh," but I love the brush. It's easy to use and effective. 

I actually bought a Hydro Flask at the end of last year and have enjoyed it (I am constantly on the search for the perfect water bottle), but it's been a great way to remind myself to drink water during quarantine. 

I've been looking for local designers and businesses to support during this pandemic, and LA-based designer Christy Dawn came up during one of my searches. For each 5-pack of masks sold, they donate an additional 5-pack to someone in need. I just received my masks in the mail, and they're incredibly comfortable to wear. The fabric doesn't feel too heavy and the behind-the-ear elastics are the most comfortable type I've tried. 

More to watch:
  • Never Have I Ever (Netflix)
  • The Half of It (Netflix)
  • Thor: Ragnarok – I finally finished my MCU watch in May, and while Spider-Man continues to reign as my longtime fave, I can't deny that Thor is great. Specifically, Thor: Ragnarok, which has maybe one of the greatest shots of any Infinity Saga film.
More to listen to:
  • Soft PowerThe original cast recording was finally released in April! I don't know if this show will ever make it back to the stage, but if it does, you must see it immediately.

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