Friday, November 20, 2015

what is 'success'?

It's official: I've been elected as Mayor of Procrastinationville. I meant to write this blog a month ago, and even crowdsourced responses to help write it. And then for a variety of reasons, I had to put blogging aside for a bit, but then I watched Hank Green's latest YouTube video and it spoke directly to what I've been wanting to write about.

Over the summer, at the annual Asian American Journalists Association National Convention, somebody asked me what my advice was in order to become successful.

That's an odd question to answer. We all have different definitions of success, and I honestly do not consider myself to be "a success." As cliche as it sounds, I'm a work in progress in every aspect of my life. I'm successful at some things, and not so successful at others.

But then that makes me sound like a humblebrag, right? I just genuinely don't know if there's one thing I could say that can help someone achieve the success they'd like. I have bits of advice in my heart and in my brain that can help someone on their journey through different situations. (Which, by the way, was the original direction of this blog: what's the best advice you've ever received?)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I refuse to believe I know everything.

There's a tendency to be a know-it-all these days--or at least to think you know it all. The internet and our smart phones make it easy to Google any topic, and a cursory glance through the first few headlines on a search results page can trick us into thinking we "get" something.

It's something I know I'm guilty of, and I'd argue that most of us do it without even realizing it. "Oh yeah, I browsed a longread on that this morning," is what we're really thinking when we're saying out loud, "Yes, I read that and am knowledgeable enough to discuss it."