Friday, January 8, 2010

love story.

I wonder what he thinks when he watches the films, the ones that tell you about love and fairy tales. I wonder who he identifies with, or if he identifies with anyone at all. In this world, it's hard to even identify with yourself.

He revealed himself through a back lit monitor. Whether it detracts to the intimacy or adds to the secret, I don't know. The difficulty of the moment was not lost though. From the pauses and delays, I knew he was struggling because words normally come so easily to him. I never used to think instant messages could hold such depth, but words are powerful whether they're spoken or written.

What makes a person so scared to reveal something so simple? It only needs two words to speak the truth, but it can take even two years to say it, and in my own experience, speaking the truth can be so much harder than living with it.

He shared with me a part of him; one year later, he's finally shared it with the world.