Favorites: September 2020

Saturday, October 3, 2020 / 1:46 PM

This is going to be a little shorter this month because September was rough, and I'm not gonna lie: I spent most of it on my couch staring at the ceiling. I think it's OK to admit that – there are no rules for emotions during a global pandemic.

1. Senker Cotton Slouchy Beanie Hats

I don't go out often these days (and if I do, it's to run errands with my sister or to talk walks around my neighborhood), and it's just felt like too much of a hassle to deal with wigs. It's also been really hot, so throwing on a hat just seems easier. These beanies are super lightweight too, so it's not like it's anymore "suffocating" than a wig in 90, 100-degree weather. I got a black and grey one, but they have more colors that I'm looking forward to stocking up on when my budget allows.

Specifically, the iOS app is on my favorites list. I have a free trial of Premiere Rush right now and I'm going to be a little bummed when it's up because the interface is really intuitive. The app is easy to use and because I've been doing more TikTok and Instagram Reels content, it's helped me get my videos done quicker (for when I'm doing more complicated edits and don't want to transfer files to my laptop and use Final Cut). I've been exploring free alternatives since my trial will be up soon and it's definitely not in my budget right now to pay a monthly fee.

I jumped onto the CeraVe hype train, and I'm not mad about it. That's all.

More to watch:

Star Wars – I started watching the films 14 years ago, and then just never got around to watching all the films. (I watched Episode IV in high school for a film class, and then I watched Episode V because we had it on VHS, but I have no recollection of it at all. ) And then that thing happened that happened with the MCU films where I didn't have easy access to a car/movie theater and it wasn't like things were easily accessible via streaming, and then it just felt like there were too many films to catch up on. 

But now in quarantine, I have nothing but time and access to these films. The reason I put off Star Wars for so long was primarily because of the toxicity of the fandom, which I'm not shy about saying at all. (And since finishing the films, I've browsed Reddit threads and other YouTube/blog content about the franchise, so I feel like I can say this with accuracy.) 

Anyways. Unlike my MCU watch, I watched these films in release order: IV (A New Hope), V (Empire Strikes Back), VI (Return of the Jedi), I (Phantom Menace), II (Attack of the Clones), III (Revenge of the Sith), VII (The Force Awakens), Rogue One, VIII (The Last Jedi), Solo, and IX (Rise of Skywalker). I didn't add the TV shows to my list because that's just...too much content to commit to right now. (I've watched enough of The Mandalorian with my sister while she was rewatching it, and I might do a casual watch to feel prepared for season 2.) 

Basically: I enjoyed Star Wars. I think I enjoyed the MCU more because I liked more of the films (which might be a little unfair because there were 23 films there, whereas Star Wars only had 11), but Star Wars is still fun. The original trilogy is great, but I did find myself a little bored during VI. I really did not enjoy the prequel trilogy, but the Obi-Wan vs. Anakin battle at the end of III saves it all. Controversial opinion, apparently, but I really enjoyed VII and I loved VIII (the Rey/Kylo Ren battle in the throne room is fantastic). Rogue One was great. Solo was boring. I can't talk about IX because I'm still irritated about it and I did not like it, but I hated I and II more. 

Finally: Leia, R2, and BB-8 are the best characters. 

Those are my takes.

More to listen to:

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