Last Call

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 / 9:18 AM

The way he scowled.

I think that’s what caught my attention the most. Scowling usually denotes something so unappealing, but it looked different on his face. I had never really known someone so expressive in just who they were, not what they hid behind.

When I would mention the name of the boy who broke my heart, he would scowl and I'd brace myself for the usual lecture everyone else always gave. Except a million emotions would seem to cross his face instead and he'd say, “That guy’s a jackass. You're awesome."

And I believed him because he was recovering from heartbreak too. He understood.

Through the bottom of an empty pint, I looked at him and I think I loved him.

But I wasn't in love with him. How could I be? I already knew it was about to end.

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