Monday, February 16, 2015

the way I see it: you can't always get what you want.

Two years ago, I lost the right glove in a pair of black fingerless gloves. I tore my room apart, but some time about a year ago, I gave up.

But then a month ago, I opened a suitcase I forgot I had in my closet and discovered inside of it: the missing glove. So now I'm back to my original problem: one glove. What did I do with the non-missing glove? Did I throw it away?

Along with a missing glove, my black beanie has gone missing recently. I also am still wondering where my red mini-umbrella went. And I must be missing a sock because aren't we always all missing socks?

And yet, here are some things I do have readily at my fingertips that I can't figure out why I have them or when I'll need them again: two L-shaped screwdrivers from IKEA; five iPhone charger sockets, yet not enough cords to use with them (where did they all come from??); a block eraser (I have no pencils in my apartment)... you see what I mean.

Anyways. If anyone wants an L-shaped screwdriver, let me know.

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