Thursday, July 31, 2014

sorry (not sorry).

One of the most frustrating things about walking to the subway at 5 a.m. is that you never know who you'll meet on the street.

"Hey sweetie, how you doin'?"

I ignored him and kept walking, and then he shouted, "You could at least smile, be a fucking lady to me!"

Two things:
  1. I am a fucking lady.
  2. Fuck you.
Free advice to that man (and others like him): women don't owe you a smile when you call out to a stranger on the street. Why should I be a fucking lady to you, specifically? Because you called me "sweetie"?

I once had an ex-boyfriend who tried to justify street harassment by saying, "It takes a lot of courage for a guy to talk to a woman he doesn't know. You should be flattered."

There's nothing courageous about street harassment. Sorry.

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