Monday, March 10, 2014

things I don't understand.

I don't understand why some people would go to a coffee shop to hang out but not order anything. I was at my local coffee shop this weekend and two people came in and sat down at the table next to me to chat. They sat there for nearly two hours and didn't order a single thing. By the time I left, they were still sitting there talking with zero indication they would be ordering any drinks or pastries any time soon.

I don't understand people who text while they walk--especially on crowded sidewalks.

I don't understand the "sagging pants" trend. I've never understood this. Is it comfortable for you to have to hold your pants up as you walk? Somebody, please explain.

I don't understand people who don't return shopping carts properly. In college, I worked as a courtesy clerk at a grocery store and did everything from bagging groceries to sweeping. One of a courtesy clerk's duties at the particular store I worked at was something called "lot duty," where we were required to take one-hour shifts standing out in the parking lot (all while wearing a very attractive orange vest) collecting shopping carts. This was particularly terrible at my store because we shared a massive parking lot in a plaza that contained restaurants, a Starbucks, and other various stores--all who received plenty of customers on any given day. Amidst all of the cars that would go zooming in and out of the lot was one singular cart return location, which nobody ever used. I saw more customers leave carts in empty parking spaces, up on grassy areas, and even literally right next to the cart return area.

"Lot duty" was essentially one hour of a poor courtesy clerk darting cars and trying to yank shopping carts out of all corners of a gigantic parking lot. It was not fun.

I don't understand why there's more snow in the forecast for this month.

I don't understand how the organic dry cleaning business that opened on my block suddenly became a pizza place. There's a great possibility this didn't happen so suddenly and I just hadn't noticed. But perhaps this is better--you can never have too many pizza places.

I don't understand why Michael's was selling a pack of 150 clear pushpins for the same price as 100 colored pushpins from the same company. I don't know much about pushpin manufacturing, so perhaps there's something in the production of colored pushpins that makes them of a greater value than the clear ones.

I don't understand how flip flop shops stay open for business in New York City during the winter. On that note, I don't understand why department stores transition into spring clothing when winter clearly isn't over yet. I went to Century 21 to buy socks last weekend and there were beach towels and sandals everywhere.

I don't understand why I have so many complaints about the weather. I think general grumpiness is a sign of needing to get out more. At least I sit near a window now...?

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