Thursday, February 27, 2014

new month, new project.

A writer's worst enemy can often be her own mind. There are times when I'll have a million ideas and want to write them all down immediately. Other times, I'll sit down and writer's block gets the better of me.

Last weekend, I stopped in at the Upper West Side Barnes & Noble on an errand, and passed by a table on the second floor stacked with journals and planners. One of the journals had a green cover and the words "I Can't Sleep" on it. Each page was titled with the prompt: "Why I can't sleep tonight:" and there was space to write and draw alongside quotes by famous people who also had trouble sleeping.

The journal made me think about these writing exercises my grade school teachers had us do from time to time. They would ask a general topic, and we could write whatever we wanted.

I wandered over to the Education section of the store to look for a book of writing prompts, like the ones I remembered my old teachers had, but couldn't find one. The only books to help kids write were guides to writing standardized test essays.

So instead, I went home and purchased this:

And have adapted the prompts into my own project:

Fill-in-the-blank Friday!

FITBFs aren't a novel concept. Tons of bloggers and websites do their own versions, so I'm not claiming credit for inventing anything new here. In my quest to blog several times a week (more on why I've embarked on that quest to come), I've realized I need something consistent to anchor myself with--and it's also a fun project.

(It's also my way of giving the middle finger to all of those guide books that only teach children how to write to a test these days. We shouldn't be getting rid of creativity in our schools.)

So every week, I will be drawing a topic out of the jar (you guys know the jar I'm talking about) and answering the prompt--with a word or sentence, a blog post, a story, a video, and/or a photo. And I'll be inviting all of you to share your answers with me too.

Look for the first post and video tomorrow, and I'll look for your responses online!

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