Friday, February 28, 2014

#FITBF: the last time I went to the beach...

…was Christmas Eve!

As most of you know, I’m from California, and I spent the holidays in Los Angeles with my mom’s side of the family, soaking up the 80 degree weather after leaving behind my winter coats and boots in New York.

But I accidentally booked a flight that landed at LAX hours before my parents and sister actually arrived, so I got the chance to spend the morning and afternoon with two really good friends—drinking coffee, eating real Mexican food, and visiting the Belmont Shore.

I don’t even really like the beach, to be honest. Beach days just weren’t a part of my childhood growing up in the Sacramento valley, and even when I went to college down in southern California, I never craved the crowded beaches the way others did.

And the sand! It follows you home and ends up in clothing you never even took to the beach!

But there are times I do enjoy the beach--in the quieter moments, the ones spent sitting with a friend or two and staring out at the ocean. One of my favorite memories from college was sitting on the sand with a friend and a tiny bottle of weird tasting rum as the clock struck midnight and signaled his 23rd birthday.

So if you find me at a beach, you can bet it won’t look much like one of Frankie and Annette’s beach party films. It’ll be a much more relaxed affair, and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tell me about your last trip to the beach (and also tell me if you're a native Californian who also defies the stereotype and doesn't really enjoy the beach)! Tweet your answer with the hashtag #FITBF, or share your thoughts in your own blog or video, and let me know!

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