Friday, July 12, 2013

why do i need an umbrella in the summer? oh yeah, because - new york.

I'm really bad with getting rid of things. It took me months of pro/con lists to finally put away old memories from a past life for none other than the simple reason that I have a hard time with change. I'm fairly convinced this is the reason I was so against leaving DC at the end of 2011: it had nothing to do with wanting to be there for the elections, really; I just didn't want to move again.

That plus the fact that I procrastinate is probably the reason I got into a taxi earlier tonight--and, if you know me, you know that means something bad happened.

So, I have this really terrible umbrella that didn't use to be terrible. But somewhere between it being decent and today, a part of the wire frame snapped and broke. I mean, it still WORKS, but only if it's a light rain with no wind.

Summer rain in New York City is neither light nor absent of wind.

So I'm walking down Mott, and it's pouring all of a sudden. My broken umbrella is over my head and suddenly it becomes more and more useless as the rain picks up and the wind begins. Also, I'm wearing these really cute open-toed flats that might as well be made of paper because I'm basically swimming. Oh, and I'm still getting over a nasty cold.

This wouldn't be a problem if I at least had a decent umbrella but I procrastinated on buying a new one even after I told myself I would replace this crappy excuse for an umbrella over and over and over...

Instead of continuing to swim down Mott, I saw an empty taxi approach and decided to flag it down. I knew the ride uptown wouldn't be cheap, but I just got paid and had few bill to pay, so I grit my teeth and just went for it. So I get in the cab, tell the driver where I'd like to go, and sit back to enjoy being out of the rain.

Literally two minutes into the ride, the driver says, "If I were you, I would just take a subway."

I leaned forward. "Excuse me?"

"Take a subway."

I'm slightly dumbfounded. What stress am I causing him? I'm the one who has to pay the ridiculous cab fare, and he'd get a good tip out of it. Also, isn't it--I don't know--the law that you have to take me where I want to go in the city?

I explained to him that, not only was I in a non-rain proof sweater and skirt, I was sick, I had on the wrong shoes for wading through mini lakes, and my umbrella was also broken. He asked me what train I take to get home and I told him the 1. We were nowhere near a 1.

So then he pulls out his phone (keep in mind he's still driving and my fare is still ticking up), looks up the nearest 1, and says, "I'll drive you there."

"Sir," I responded, trying not to get mad, "my umbrella is broken, and I am really ill-prepared for the rain." I sneezed, which I thought helped my case too.

He ignores me and keeps driving. When he pulls up next to the 1 stop, he calculates the fare and asks me how I want to pay. I irritatedly swipe my card (knowing the charge will show up on my bank statement with his information so I could file a complaint) and don't tip. I exit the cab, step straight into an ankle-deep puddle, and run toward the subway steps while he shouts at me out his window for not tipping.

By the time I get down the stairs and through the turnstile, I look as if I'd been dumped into a lake. Oh, and I missed my train and had to wait 7 minutes for the next one, and then spent an hour riding home next to a wailing baby.

I'm going to go buy a new umbrella tomorrow.

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