Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RealLife - A New Social Network

I'm guilty of being a social networking addict, though my recent abandonment of Facebook and Tumblr--two of the most time-consuming things in the world--have freed up my ability to embrace real life considerably. It seems weird to announce this on my blog, which is really just another form of networking, but such is life.

I've noticed a waning sincerity in my speech over the past few years. It's as if there's a struggle between wanting to be honest about the things that scare me and competing for attention from a world full of information readily presented to the public. What is broadcasted on Facebook is rarely the truth about ourselves; it is the identities we've created for others to see. So then I've noticed I'm most often bare with people who knew me "way back when" because I don't have to try so hard to re-stack the bricks that keep falling off the wall in between truth and lesser truth. Noting this in the past year, I've been striving for sincerity with more than just the "way back when" friends, and it's a struggle--not because of them, but because I've always struggled with letting someone know me for the pure and simple reason that I have a shit ton of low self-esteem to serve to my dreams every night.

Tangent: done. Anyways, I want more face-versations.

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