Monday, May 30, 2011


I not-so-secretly stalk people on Facebook. I'm pretty sure we all do it. Normally, my Facebook creeping is harmless and well-intentioned; I'm not the type to obsessively stalk (no, really). My favorite person to creep on is a former teacher of mine who is currently teaching at a high school that, by appearance, is a complete 180 from Loretto. Every time I see a status update or a new photo posted by one of her current students, it is accompanied by love and adoration for this amazing woman. Even 300 miles away, I can tell that she is inspiring and motivating others. It's something I hope I've been able to do for the few people who've leaned on me for guidance, and I hope to continue to strive to do that in the future.

She is exactly the kind of teacher I would want my children to have. In fact, all of those beautiful men and women from Loretto who guided me toward the real world and loved me into the person I am today are exactly the kinds of souls I wish upon everyone I know. At Loretto, I learned confidence and strength. "You are Loretto wherever you go," Sister Helen used to say, and I've never forgotten what that message truly means for where I am right now.

After three years ... leaving the newsroom, one final time.
As I pack to leave Irvine, my home for four years, it feels surreal. I have no real idea of what "the future" will be like, but I hope that the footprints I've left here have meant something because the footprints left in my heart by the people who've touched my life will always be special to me--from Loretto to UCI, and all of the activities I've engaged myself in in between (Shakespeare, choir, LJ, the New U, etc.).

As e. e. cummings would have it: Friends, I carry your hearts.


  1. You've touched my life too. More than you know. Teaching you was beyond rewarding. It was a gift. You are a goddess and there is nobody better than you.

  2. I kind of facebook stalk all of out Loretto teachers too... you know, Rachel and I were just talking the other day about how our high school experience seems to have been so unique. We always glow when we talk about Loretto. Most people just say they hated high school, or don't really remember it. Let's try and make that kind of space wherever we go :-)

  3. oh look, I made a typo! Hey, it's before 8:30 in the morning. Forgive me.

  4. Courtney, I love how you say that about making that kind of space. I've been thinking of that very concept lately. Thank you so much for that bit of inspiration and reminding. I really needed it. You must be made of magic.