Saturday, February 12, 2011

young love.

My college career is winding down to an end. In three weeks, I'll be done, just having barely scraped by in this last quarter (I'm assuming). I remember the summer nights spent with Cort, Al and Katie as we talked about leaving our comfort zones and each other. What would college be like? What would we find?

We wanted to find love and find a home away from Loretto and all that we knew. We wanted to find motivation down a path that would define our futures. We wanted to never stop dreaming of what could come next.

Summer 2007 - seems like forever ago...
I forgot all of those things as I ambled my way through these past four years. I forgot what I wanted without forming new desires. And now that I'm remembering all that I wanted, I wish I could rewind just a bit and try it again.

But there's no such thing as going backwards, so since all we have is forward to go: here's hoping we can remember what it was like to want to find love, a home, motivation and dreams.

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  1. Most of life seems to be reminding ourselves of things