Thursday, June 24, 2010


When I began archiving at the School of the Arts, I felt like I was embarking on an intense archaeological dig, uncovering a forgotten history and learning strange facts and details. I didn't expect to find the same history hidden in the depths of my Managing Editor desk/drawers at the New U, but boy was I wrong...

After an afternoon of rearranging shit (the office is going to be so awesome) followed by a walk to Newport, Mengfei and I returned to the office to dig through the crazy piles of papers contained around my desk. Aside from the old budgets and ad run sheets, there were some incredibly fascinating things. The paper used to be run so differently. Our question: When did it fall apart? We know of some things that have happened that caused cracks in the foundation, but something drastic must've occurred during the changing of the staff one year.

I feel like I've discovered a secret code: a guide to being Managing Editor ("aka GOD"). Sadly, it hasn't been updated since 2001 and things such as the computer programs and budget have changed, but it's surprisingly informative, accurate and fucking HILARIOUS. I'm already excited to pass on the torch - mainly because one quarter of it has already aged me five years. Oy.

But back to our question: What happened? When did the New U go from having intern classes to barely having an intern policy? A lot of the guides/outlines from those classes were actually really helpful...Fear not, universe: Mengfei and I will find out and (hopefully) have a compelling enough story to tell that it can be turned into a narrative. Stay tuned!

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  1. awesome new title, btw.

    and, I want to know more old dirt.