Monday, March 8, 2010

this makes no sense, but neither do we.

Okay, here it is: a rambling inner monologue of utmost confusion.

Find a passion. Follow your dream. Don’t let anyone stop you, don’t let anyone make you doubt it. People are always going to tell you shit about how you “should” act, what you “should” do, where you “should” go; don’t let any of that affect you. Be your own person. Stop making excuses, stop making apologies. You don’t ever act out of uncertainty - everything you do is for a reason, whether you realize it at the moment or not.

Stop complaining. Stop whining. Stop blaming others. If you make a mess, clean it up. No one is going to feel as sorry for you as you do yourself. No one cares about you as much as you do yourself. That doesn’t mean people don’t care about you, it means you know you better than anyone else and you need to look out for yourself because, sometimes, shit goes down and you’re the only one who can explain it to yourself. Know yourself. Learn who you are. Stop letting other people and other labels define you.

Don’t use people and don’t hurt people. Steamroll ahead towards the future, but don’t run everyone else over because you’re too damn busy making a mess. Let others into your life, but don’t let them take over and don’t invite drama. Learn to let shit go. Learn to stand on your own two feet and not regret a single thing.

Be confident. Be sure. If you’re not, fake it and learn.

Hold your head high. Look people in the eyes. Speak slowly. Open your eyes and take in the world for what it is. Don’t waste time. Don’t be afraid to laugh, sing or cry. Don’t be afraid to be ridiculous from time to time. Find people who let you act the way you want. Turn away from those who make you into someone else.

Every second of every day: act with purpose and intent. Every second of every day, be the person you know you truly are. Shed expectations and move forward. Shed drama and don’t look back. Every second of every day matters.

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