Monday, March 23, 2009


"There's no money in poetry, but then there's no poetry in money either." -Robert Graves

I love learning. I love gaining new knowledge and sharing it with others. I don't, however, enjoy the price tag accompanied with learning now. What makes me hesitant to take 21 units? The real answer is the price of books. I think nearly $300 for books is a bit excessive. I spent about $60 last quarter on books, most of which were barely touched in class but bought because the instructor/professor required them and then changed their mind halfway through the quarter. By then, it's too late to get a full refund from the bookstore. I sold my books back last week and got $10 for them. That's about a -$50 profit.

I would like to take summer school so that I can get my foreign language requirement done so I can spend my next two years at school taking classes for my majors and that I will enjoy - but the extreme raise in tuition for summer school has stopped that from happening. That, in my opinion, is a problem with both "required education" and with money.

Would I like to go to graduate school and pursue a higher education? That would be nice, but the price tag is not so pleasant. I hate that I am being overcharged for my current undergraduate education--and yes, I do feel I am being overcharged, because when I look at the bill I am being charged for ridiculous things and facilities I may or may not use.

ASUCI fees? What am I paying you for exactly? The shuttles which I don't use?

And what is Measure S and why am I spending $8 a quarter on it?

$136.50 on Student Center fees? Is it so UCI can finally pay off those building expenses even though there was nothing wrong with the old Student Center? How often do I use the Student Center anyways?

$23 for the Bren Center which I have never set foot in once - why?

$70 for the ARC, which I go to maybe a few times a quarter. There's no parking anyways! Another fee for the athletics facility? Isn't that the ARC? Or is there another one around here, one that I DO NOT USE.

And what? What?! $33 for "Campus Spirit" fees??? WHAT IS THAT?!

In short, I think this is as ridiculous as my obnoxious upstairs neighbors, and yet these fees must be paid in order to continue my pursuit of education and further my love of learning. Oh, the irony.

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